3L American Oak Barrel + AK47 Gun Decanter

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3L American Oak Barrel

Premium seasoned American oak barrels, genuine handmade and medium charred. Comes with satin finish, black bands, stand, plug and polished brass tap. Great for storing and maturing alcohol (Beers, Wine, Port, and Spirits). There are no metal or plastic liners like many cheaper options on the market.

Gun Decanter

 Luxury high end glass decanter AK47 Gun replica, comes with stand and 4 glasses with bullets. Great addition with an Oak Keg or Port Barrel purchase. Wow your guests with this stunning decanter or gift as the perfect unique gift. Made from high end borosilicate glass and pine wood stand. Neatly and securely packaged to ensure no breakage when freighted. Comes with a fitted stopper to preserve freshness and taste.

1000ml capacity in decanter

300ml capacity in glass



Barrels Preparation and Maintenance Guide

Care of New Barrel
Brand new barrels are about as sanitary as they can be as the wood has been heated over direct fire in the process of making the barrel.  This is done in order to bend the staves into place and to enhance various flavour accents.

How to seal the barrel
Like any wooden container, a new barrel must be filled with water so the oak can swell and eliminate leaks.  These leaks often seal themselves in only a few hours to a couple of days depending on how dry the barrel is. To ensure that the leak stops the barrel must be kept full until it stops. Using fresh water or filtered water free of chlorine is always preferred when doing this.

If the leak persists you can seal them by applying the barrel wax we supply with every keg and placing the wax over the areas that leak, then using a hair dryer to melt the wax so it can work its way into the leak to block it up.  The oak must be dry in order for the wax to adhere and seal the barrel.  Never place wax on the inside of the barrel as it will spoil the contents of the barrel

How to prepare for use
Fill the barrel with hot water, rotate it and empty until the colour of the water comes out transparent. Bits of loose charred wood may come out during this process. Let the barrel sit to dry then it is ready for use.

How to age wines and liquors
To age wines or liquors, simply fill the barrel with your favourite product and store in a humid place where it is not exposed to sunlight or heat.  The time required depends on your choice and taste. Ageing wine or liquor in a barrel has the effect of transmitting the taste of the wood to your product inside the barrel.  The longer you store a wine or liquor the stronger the oak taste that you will get from the wood and also the darker the colour will become.

Other Sizing

1.5L (1.5kg)

Head: 130mm

Middle: 160mm

Length: 200mm

3L (2.5kg)

Head width: 160mm

Middle width: 200mm

Length: 240mm

5L (3KG)

Head width: 190mm

Middle width: 220mm

Length: 270mm

10L (4KG)

Head width: 240mm

Middle width: 280mm

Length: 330mm

25L (12KG)

Head width: 310mm

Middle width: 380mm

Length: 460mm

50L (20KG)

Head width: 415mm

Middle width: 440mm

Length: 520mm

100L (32KG)

Head width: 415mm

Middle width: 500mm

Length: 800mm

Product Shipping

The 3L American Oak Barrel is available for shipping in the following locations:

  • Adelaide & Regional South Australia
  • Melbourne & Regional Victoria
  • Sydney & Regional New South Wales
  • Brisbane & Regional Queensland
  • Perth & Regional Western Australia
  • Darwin & Regional Northern Territory
  • Canberra ACT

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