50L American Oak Barrel - Ex Bourbon (Medium Char)

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Package Includes:

- 50L American Oak Barrel with medium char

- Brass tap

- Bung

- Optional wooden stand (advise us if required)


Introducing our remarkable Recoopered 50L American Oak Barrel, formerly used for aging bourbon, now exuding its magnificent influence on a wide range of spirits, ports, wines and beverages. This barrel, meticulously restored to its full glory, brings the renowned pedigree of American oak to your aging process. With a medium char level, it strikes a harmonious balance, carefully infusing flavours and preserving the nuanced qualities of the liquid within. The delightful remnants of aged bourbon provide a foundation of complexity to build upon, offering subtle notes of caramel and oak. Over time, the American oak imparts luscious flavours of vanilla, spice, and charred wood, creating a tapestry of flavors that is as enchanting as it is refined. Crafted for those who appreciate the art and science of aging, our Recoopered 50L American Oak Barrel with Medium Char is an indispensable tool for crafting exceptional spirits and liqours. Unleash the full potential of your creations with the heritage of American oak guiding your journey.


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The 50L American Oak Barrel is available for shipping Australia wide, including:

  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Canberra, ACT
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Hobart, Tasmania
  • Darwin, Northern Territory
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • sydney, New South Wales 
  • & regional areas in all of the states above



    Recommended to begin this process within 2 weeks of receiving your barrel and to store in a cool dry place in the mean time

    1. If your barrel requires a tap install it first.
    2. Fill the barrel with 10%  of the capacity of the barrel with boiling water (2.5 litres for a 25 litre, 5 litres for a 50 litre and 10 litres for a 100 litre barrel). Do not use chlorinated water as it can be detrimental to the quality of the barrel. Replace the bung and swirl the water for approximately 10 minutes ensuring that all surfaces make contact with the water.  You can now empty the boiling water from the barrel.
    3. Fill the barrel with cold water (not chlorinated water) and allow the oak to swell to seal any leaks. This can take from a few hours up to four days and the barrel must be kept full until any leaks are resolved. Once any  leaks stop you can empty the barrel.
    4. Fill the barrel to 10% of capacity with non chlorinated water and replace bung. Shake the barrel briskly for a minute or two to dislodge any loose charred oak and then empty the barrel.
    5. You are now ready to add your favourite drop within 7 days of this process. Remember to never let your barrel go completely dry as it may lose its ability to reseal.

    To age wines or liquors, simply fill the barrel with your favourite product and store in a humid and cool place where it is not exposed to sunlight or heat. If your barrel is in direct sunlight or in a warm area, the rate of evaporation inside the barrel will increase. The time required to age your drop depends on your choice and taste.  This can be anywhere from a month to years. Ageing wine or liquor in a barrel has the effect of transmitting the taste of the oak to your product inside the barrel.  The longer you store a wine or liquor the stronger the oak taste that you will get from the wood and also the darker the colour will become.

    Weight and Dimensions

    1.5L (1.5kg)

    Head: 130mm

    Middle: 160mm

    Length: 200mm

    3L (2.5kg)

    Head width: 160mm

    Middle width: 200mm

    Length: 240mm

    5L (3KG)

    Head width: 190mm

    Middle width: 220mm

    Length: 270mm

    10L (4KG)

    Head width: 240mm

    Middle width: 280mm

    Length: 330mm

    25L (12KG)

    Head width: 310mm

    Middle width: 380mm

    Length: 460mm

    50L (20KG)

    Head width: 415mm

    Middle width: 440mm

    Length: 520mm

    100L (32KG)

    Head width: 415mm

    Middle width: 500mm

    Length: 800mm

    Product Shipping

    The 50L American Oak Barrel is avaliable for shipping in the following locations:

    • Adelaide & Regional South Australia
    • Melbourne & Regional Victoria
    • Sydney & Regional New South Wales
    • Brisbane & Regional Queensland
    • Perth & Regional Western Australia
    • Darwin & Regiaonl Northern Territory
    • Canberra ACT

    50L American Oak Barrel - Ex Bourbon (Medium Char) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.