50L French Oak Barrel (Medium char)

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 50L recoopered French oak barrels hand remade from larger red wine barrels and medium charred. Comes raw exterior with galvanised steel bands, brass tap and bung. Great for storing and maturing Beer, Wine and Spirit. 


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Introducing our captivating Recoopered 50L French Oak ex-wine barrel – a true embodiment of sustainability and refined craftsmanship. Each barrel has been carefully repurposed, breathing new life into retired French Oak barrels that once aged exquisite wines.

Handcrafted with meticulous care, our Recoopered 50L French Oak barrel combines the allure of aged wood with the rich history of wine. The French Oak imparts a distinct flavor profile of delicate vanilla, subtle spice, and hints of toasted goodness, adding depth and complexity to your favorite beverages.

With its generous 50-liter capacity, this barrel provides ample room for aging and maturing your preferred spirits or wines. It strikes the perfect balance between functionality and manageability, making it an ideal choice for both discerning professionals and passionate home enthusiasts.

Each Recoopered 50L French Oak ex-wine barrel showcases a characterful exterior, bearing the marks and history of its previous life aging fine wines. Its natural beauty and rustic charm make it an exquisite centerpiece, whether displayed in a winery, bar, or as a unique addition to your home décor.

With a precisely crafted seal and customizable spigot, this barrel offers meticulous control over the aging process. The interior is expertly charred, optimizing the interaction between the oak and your chosen liquid, resulting in a harmonious infusion of flavors.

Please ensure proper care and maintenance to preserve the integrity of your Recoopered 50L French Oak barrel. Follow the provided instructions diligently to extend its lifespan and maximize its performance.

Indulge in the art of sustainable aging and elevate your drinking experience with our Recoopered 50L French Oak ex-wine barrel. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors and rich heritage this barrel encapsulates, while adding a touch of elegance to your craft. Unleash the potential within and embark on a unique journey of taste and refinement.

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  • Melbourne, Victoria
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  • Darwin, Northern Territory
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Sydney, New South Wales 
  • Adelaide, South Australia
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Customer Reviews

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Scott Fulcher

No leaks, good condition, stand and tap all work great


Made good ..no leaks . only thing hard to screw in tap because of steel band...