5L American Oak Barrel (Medium Char)

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- 5L American Oak Barrel with medium char

- Gold or Silver metal tap

- Bung/stopper

- Wooden Stand

- Barrel wax (bees wax)

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Introducing the exquisite 5L American White Oak Barrel with Medium Char, where tradition meets craftsmanship. This smaller-sized barrel is a perfect companion for those seeking to infuse their spirits, ports or wines with the unmistakable flavours of American oak, enhanced by a medium char. These have no liner or bladder like cheaper options on the market. These are perfect for storing and maturing your favourite wine, port and spirits.

Handcrafted with precision, this barrel is made from select American oak, known for its exceptional ability to impart rich and complex flavors. The medium char level delicately caramelizes the wood's surface, unlocking a symphony of aromas and tastes that will captivate your senses.

With a capacity of 5 litres, this barrel offers a perfect opportunity for home enthusiasts, distillers, or brewers to experiment and elevate their creations. The intimate size allows for faster maturation, ensuring that your spirits develop depth and character in a shorter time frame.

Indulge in the notes of vanilla, toasted caramel, and subtle spices that intertwine with the spirit of your choice. Each sip will transport you to a realm of sophistication and refinement, as the oak imparts its unique essence to the blend.

Enhance your craft, elevate your spirits, and create memorable moments with the 5L American Oak Barrel with Medium Char. Unlock the secrets of aging and savour the remarkable flavors that only American oak can offer.

The 5l American Oak Barrel is available for shipping AUSTRALIA WIDE, including:

  • Sydney, New South Wales 
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Canberra, ACT
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Hobart, Tasmania
  • Darwin, Northern Territory
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • & regional areas in all of the states above

    Barrels Preparation and Maintenance Guide

    Care of New Barrel
    Brand new barrels are about as sanitary as they can be as the wood has been heated over direct fire in the process of making the barrel.  This is done in order to bend the staves into place and to enhance various flavour accents.

    Important: Be sure to store your barrel in a cool/humid place out of direct sunlight to avoid issues with your barrel. Warmer temperatures and direct sunlight can lead to weeping of your barrel and faster evaporation rates.

    How to seal the barrel
    Like any new oak barrel, they must be filled with water so the oak can swell and eliminate leaks.  These leaks often seal themselves in only a few hours to a couple of days depending on how dry the barrel is. To ensure that the leak stops the barrel must be kept full until it stops, be sure to rotate the water every couple of days to avoid the water stagnating and bacterial growths from forming. Using fresh water or filtered water free of chlorine is always preferred when doing this.

    If the leak persists you can seal them by applying the barrel wax we supply with every keg and placing the wax over the areas that leak, then using a hair dryer to melt the wax so it can work its way into the leak to block it up.  The oak must be dry in order for the wax to adhere and seal the barrel.  Never place wax on the inside of the barrel as it will spoil the contents of the barrel

    How to prepare for use
    roughly 10% fill the barrel with hot or boiling water which is chlorine free, briskly shake it for 1-2 minutes and empty, repeat until the colour of the water comes out transparent. Bits of loose charred wood may come out during this process. The barrel is now ready for use and is highly recommended to fill with your liquor within 5 days as bacterial growths can form if the barrel is left empty for too long after this process

    Be sure to fill your barrel to between 75%-95% full with your favourite drop for good barrel health. If you fill your barrel with less than this amount ensure that you tighten the filler cap and turn the barrel upside down for a couple of hours once a week for the first fortnight to soak the top portion of the barrel with your favourite drop. It is also suggested that this be done with all barrels periodically to ensure the top of the barrel is kept hydrated. Remember to never let your barrel go completely dry as it may lose its ability to reseal.

    Please note that to operate the tap the stopper on top of the barrel must be slightly opened to stop air lock from occurring.

    How to age wines and liquors
    To age wines or liquors, simply fill the barrel with your favourite product and store in a humid place where it is not exposed to sunlight or heat, as this will slow the rate of evaporation.  The time required depends on your choice and taste. Ageing wine or liquor in a barrel has the effect of transmitting the taste of the oak to your product inside the barrel.  The longer you store a wine or liquor the stronger the oak taste that you will get from the wood and also the darker the colour will become. Be aware there will be evaporation over time so it is recommended to regularly check the inside if your barrel and top up as needed, its best to keep your barrel full at all times.


    1.5L (1.5kg)

    Head: 130mm

    Middle: 160mm

    Length: 200mm

    3L (2.5kg)

    Head width: 160mm

    Middle width: 200mm

    Length: 240mm

    5L (3KG)

    Head width: 190mm

    Middle width: 220mm

    Length: 270mm

    10L (4KG)

    Head width: 240mm

    Middle width: 280mm

    Length: 330mm

    15L (8kg)

    Head width: 280mm

    Middle width: 320mm

    Length: 390mm

    25L (12KG)

    Head width: 310mm

    Middle width: 380mm

    Length: 460mm

    50L (20KG)

    Head width: 415mm

    Middle width: 440mm

    Length: 520mm

    100L (32KG)

    Head width: 415mm

    Middle width: 500mm

    Length: 800mm

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    The 5L American Oak Barrel is available for shipping AUSTRALIA WIDE and in the following locations:

    • Adelaide & Regional South Australia
    • Melbourne & Regional Victoria
    • Sydney & Regional New South Wales
    • Hobart and Regional Tasmania
    • Brisbane & Regional Queensland
    • Perth & Regional Western Australia
    • Darwin & Regional Northern Territory
    • Canberra ACT

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    Donna Stoker
    Love it

    Please wrap your boxes it was a present. And it arrived by courier, surprise you are getting a wine barrel.

    Ron Lawrence

    [****] arrived promptly and undamaged very happy Thanx

    Service was flawless.

    Yet to taste a drip but service was flawless and instructions clear. Thanks heaps. Highly recommend

    Jake Wastell
    5l American one barrel medium char

    So far so good I think you all done an excellent job so thank you all

    Bruce Johnsen
    5 L Oak Barrel

    This is the second season using this size barrel. I leave the fluid to age for about 3 months and it adds excellent flavour qualities. It is much better than using oak chips.