AK47 Rifle Gun Decanter Set (with 4 glasses)

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Included in Package

- AK47 Rifle Gun Decanter (1000ml capacity)

- 4 Bullet Glasses (300ml capacity)

- Pine Stand


Introducing the breathtaking AK47 Glass Decanter Set, a fusion of elegance and strength. Inspired by the iconic assault rifle design, this unique decanter combines craftsmanship and artistry to create a truly remarkable piece. It is the perfect addition to any Oak Keg or Port barrel purchase.

Meticulously crafted from high-quality borosilicate  glass, this decanter showcases the intricate details reminiscent of the AK47 rifle. From the distinctive shape to the carefully etched accents, every aspect pays homage to the legendary firearm, capturing its essence in a stunning display.

With a generous capacity, this decanter holds your favourite spirits, allowing them to develop their flavours over time. The crystal-clear glass showcases the rich hues of your chosen libation, enticing you to savour each sip.

Gather your guests and be prepared to impress as you unveil this remarkable AK47 Glass Decanter. Whether used for entertaining or as a centerpiece, it commands attention and sparks conversations with its charismatic presence.

Embrace the boldness and sophistication of the AK47 Glass Whiskey Decanter Set. Elevate your drinking experience, display your spirits with panache, and appreciate the artistry that this decanter embodies. It is the perfect companion for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and enjoy the finer things in life.

Please note: This AK47 Glass Decanter is a stunning work of art and does not have any functionality beyond its intended use as a decanter. It is not associated with or endorsed by any firearm manufacturer.

(Disclaimer: This product description is purely fictional and does not promote violence or endorse weapons in any way. It is meant to showcase creativity in describing a unique glass decanter design.)

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Customer Reviews

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Jodi J

Does this come with Bourbon in it ?
How much alcohol does it hold ?


Very nice quality

Luke Rusbourne

AK47 Rifle Gun Decanter (with 4 glasses)


Looks Fantastic and great for a gift

Kristy LEWIS
AK47 Gun Decanter (with 4 glasses)

Easy to use online services prompt service excellently packaged I am one very happy customer